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Opening a new restaurant, hotel or bar? Going to refurbish your existing venue? Come and visit our showroom to see 1000’s of pcs of crockery, glassware, cutlery for your new project. Come and create your own table settings to see how it would look on your tables before you buy. View our:

Tableware - Our vast range of Tableware is both distinct and exquisite to compliment and ambience you choose for your establishment

Glassware - Our exquisite strengthened glassware, is ideal for presenting drinks with meals on the table at your restaurant, at the bar or at an event. From wines glasses, to cocktails to beers, we have the ideal Glassware for all.

Food Presentation - Give all of the unique creations on your menu the best possible presentation with our extensive selection of food presentation dishes. Weather it’s serving Indian food in a beautiful Copper, Brass or Steel Hammered dishes or presenting in a modern contemporary way in ceramic plates we have dishes for all. 100’s of food presentation ideas to choose from.

Cutlery - Made to the highest quality we have every type cutlery range to compliment your dinner table from economy to classic to contemporary. With beautiful designs our cutlery range will catch the eye of all dinner guests

Kitchen Equipment - From heavy duty Steel and Aluminium pots and pans, to kitchen utensils, chefs knives and clothing and much more, we have everything your chef will need for running a commercial kitchen.

Barware - Browse through our complete selection of professional cocktail equipment for your bar. From Cocktail shakers & strainers to Muddlers & Condiment dispensers, we have it all to ensure the smooth running of your bar and for making those amazing drinks.

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