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Commercial Gastronorm Containers For Professional Kitchens

As a provider of high-quality restaurant and catering equipment, the team here at Concept Cuisine have created a range of innovative items that will make your cooking easier, quicker, safer – and better. A typical example of this is our range of Commercial Gastronorm container products.


Gastronorm (GN) is a European standard container size (EN631) and is commonly seen in kitchens around the world in both domestic and professional catering environments – especially in certain parts of the high-end consumer market. The containers are often made from stainless steel and are ideal for oven cooking but equally adept at being used in the fridge, freezer or put on display too.

Our Commercial Gastronorm Container Range.

Gastronorm containers are suitable for storage, cooking and display – made from stainless steel, they are extremely versatile and provide an extremely useful cooking aid. They are often used in professional kitchens as cooking vessels, storage containers to portion food or even being used in blast chillers. Gastronorm kitchen equipment is highly-durable and reactive to temperature – suiting any kind of environment.




The high-grade stainless steel containers available from our online store are simple and easy to clean, are hygienic, dishwasher safe and durable. We have a full range of sizes of Gastronorm Container for different requirements; GN2/1, GN1/1, GN2/3, GN2/4, GN1/2, GN1/3, GN1/4, GN1/6, and GN1/9.


One great example of the use of a Gastronorm container is as a bain-marie. Dishes, sauces, and ingredients can be prepared in a bain-marie – a chef could use a container inside the device to melt chocolate, avoiding the risk of the chocolate splitting and caking onto a pot. Another example of ingredients which can be prepared in a Gastronorm is the classic warm sauce Hollandaise, as the bain-marie keeps the sauce warm enough to emulsify, but not so warm that the sauce curdles.


Additionally, these containers are ideal for keeping food items hot, for example in a buffet, or in a kitchen to allow for swift service, being used in areas where a hotplate for a stovetop is either inconvenient or too powerful.


For more information on their uses, please feel free to browse our selection of Gastronorm kitchen equipment – click on each product to learn more about them, including important information on their sizing, materials, uses, etc.

Kitchen Products For Both Experienced Professionals And New Businesses.

In addition to our range of Gastronorm containers, we have a wide range of other kitchen products for experienced restaurants and catering professionals, providing them with everything they need to present their food and drink in an aesthetic that reflects their brand.


We understand that the correct serving dishes are very important to create the correct culinary experience for your establishment. After all, different businesses have their own unique atmosphere; for example, a fine dining restaurant will likely use significantly different glassware, tableware, and cutlery, to a gastropub restaurant. We have every avenue covered.


So regardless of what kind of kitchen, dinner, glass or bakeware you’re looking for; you can feel rest assured that you will be able to find everything you’re looking for here at Concept.

Choose Concept Cuisine For High-Quality Kitchenware.

If you choose to purchase your products from us, in addition to choosing from an extensive range of catering supplies, you can also enjoy free UK delivery when you spend £75. We also provide a 30-day no-quibble guarantee, so if you change your mind during the thirty days, no problem. All items must be returned unused and in a good re-sellable condition, including the original, undamaged packaging.


We hope you enjoy browsing our high-quality Gastronorm containers and other kitchenware – if you have any questions, you can get in touch with a member of our team by giving us a call on 0208 795 5712. You can also send any enquiries via email to