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Cocktail Equipment

We have Cocktail shakers and strainers in steel, copper and more to dazzle your guests at your bar. Available in a variety of styles to suit the barman.

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Commercial Cocktail Equipment For Bars, Restaurants and Events

Welcome to Concept Cuisine, where we offer a wide selection of top-of-the-line commercial cocktail equipment that caters to the needs of any professional bar setting. From charming pubs to upscale restaurants and every hospitality venue in between, we've got you covered with our premium-quality cocktail mixers, strainers, spoons, jiggers, muddlers, and complete cocktail kits, all available at unbeatable wholesale prices!

Craft the Perfect Drinks with Our High-Quality Commercial Cocktail Equipment

The importance of having high-quality cocktail accessories cannot be stressed enough – as cocktails are designed to look good (as well as taste good!), presentation is everything. Just as you need the right cocktail glass to display the drink in all its glory, you will first need the right equipment to mix everything together as you (and your patrons) envisioned.


The range of commercial cocktail equipment we have on sale here at Concept Cuisine includes:


·         Cocktail mixers. Made from stainless steel or copper, we have a wide array of different mixers to suit any particular cocktails you have on your menu. Sourced from high-quality manufacturers, these durable pieces will ensure that you’re able to get a long-lasting use from them.

·         Jiggers. Vital in ensuring that the right amount of spirits is mixed, the right jiggers will ensure that you’re able to produce your patrons’ favourite cocktails to the letter.

·         Muddlers. In a similar manner to how the jiggers handle the spirits, having great-quality muddlers will ensure the correct smashing and mixing of your drink’s ingredients. Muddlers are especially useful for bars who have a diverse range of drinks and/or like to create elaborate concoctions.

·         Strainers. Used to remove the ice as the mixed drink is poured into the serving glass, a strainer is the final, crucial part of ensuring the intended taste of your cocktails. Made from stainless steel or copper, we have both the Hawthorne strainers and the Julep strainers for whatever preference your bartenders have.

Also included in our complete range of cocktail accessories, are mixing spoons, mixing cups, mixing glasses, soda syphons and can sets – why not look around to find whatever you need?

Elevate Your Mixology Skills with Our Cocktail Kits

As part of our range of commercial cocktail equipment, we have a selection of cocktail kits to allow your bartenders to unleash their cocktail-making flair. Developed with assistance from London’s top mixologists, we have 11, 17, 18 and 22-piece cocktail kits for your requirements. Also included in this range is vintage 7-piece kits, made from gunmetal and copper – ideal for smaller establishments, or the training of new staff.

Choose Concept Cuisine For High-Quality Cocktail Supplies

If you choose to purchase your products from us, in addition to choosing from an extensive range of catering supplies, you can also enjoy free UK delivery when you spend £75. Also, we provide a 30-day no-quibble guarantee, so if you change your mind during the thirty days, it’s no problem. All items must be returned unused and in a good re-sellable condition, including the original, undamaged packaging.


If you have any questions regarding our commercial cocktail equipment, you can get in touch with a member of our team by giving us a call on 0208 795 5712. Additionally, those who would prefer to get in touch with our staff online, please send any questions you have to us by email. Our email address is

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